Fertility Consultation

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July 2019
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What to expect from your consultation:

If you have chosen a fertility consultation you do not need to attend with your partner but you will need their permission to discuss your fertility issues.  In this consultation Nicola will discuss your medical history and you will be asked personal questions about the quality of your eggs and sperm, your hormone function results and your menstrual cycle.  More broader issues such as expectations of parenthood, financial concerns, and past parental/abuse/drug abuse/addiction/depression etc might be raised.  This is not an in-depth psychological consultation, Nicola will touch on those issues that appear as suggested by the astrology to be interfering with conception, and you may take these issues elsewhere to explore at some other point, or not.

The primary focus will be to time when you plan to have treatment or even natural conception, if that is the case.  You will receive some notes ahead of your consult, sometimes an hour beforehand. Please try to have them handy, but they are not necessary if forgotten. These are meant to be an aide de memoir as they will allow you to focus more readily on what is said without having to concentrate on the dates, which can be overwhelming.  If you do have a repeat consultation, you should email the relevant page/s to Nicola ahead of your consult, as she is not always at her desk in the UK.

Consultations are £190.00 GBP (Subject to change without notice).

Nicola is available for Skype consultations Tuesday to Thursday from 9am to 6pm (UK and South African time). She consults in person at The Health Partnership (THP), 12a Thurloe Street, South Kensington London on a Thursday, unless she is in South Africa. If you wish to see her in person please check availability by email before booking.

Should you be using Skype, you may want to download a program called Pretty May for PC or CallRecorder for Mac as this will record the whole session and store it in your iTunes for your future reference.

Should you wish to use a landline number (not Skype), Nicola will supply you with a contact number before your consultation. Nicola lives both in the UK and South Africa. If you are using a landline, please bear in mind you will be calling internationally, at your cost.