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February 2019
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What to expect from your consultation:

Using astrology to help strengthen and grow your relationships, Nicola offers relationship advice, guidance and counselling. Astrology can help us accept our own limitations as human beings as well as those of the people we love.  Sometimes it is helpful to understand that someone behaves the way they do in a relationship not because they want to, but because they don’t know any other way to express themselves.  The objectivity of such a reading does not challenge either party, nor does astrology take sides… Find out more about where your “bliss spots” are with your cosmic mate and take your understanding of one another to a new level.  Your partner does not need to be present, but you would need their permission to discuss their chart.

In this kind of reading with a relationship focus, Nicola will discuss how each person communicates, what their value systems are, and how they perceived their own nurturing as well as what makes them feel safe and nourished as an individual. Be prepared for some rare honesty and be brave enough to take responsibility for loving and being loved by an extraordinary human being. Because we all are extraordinary!

Consultations are £190.00 GBP (Subject to change without notice).

Nicola is available for Skype consultations Tuesday to Thursday from 9am to 6pm (UK and South African time). She consults in person at The Health Partnership (THP), 12a Thurloe Street, South Kensington London on a Thursday, unless she is in South Africa. If you wish to see her in person please check availability by email before booking.

Should you be using Skype, you may want to download a program called Pretty May for PC or CallRecorder for Mac as this will record the whole session and store it in your iTunes for your future reference.

Should you wish to use a landline number (not Skype), Nicola will supply you with a contact number before your consultation. Nicola lives both in the UK and South Africa. If you are using a landline, please bear in mind you will be calling internationally, at your cost.